I went on vacation to Maine with my family this past week so there's no new video. Instead I'm sharing how I kept it real, enjoyed my time away & quality time with my family.

There was plenty of food & drink to indulge in in Boothbay Harbor. And believe me, I indulged. BUT I balanced it all out. Eating lots of veggies, drinking plenty of water, making breakfasts at home, & packing our own lunches most days.









We moved a lot, too! I didn't exercise in the traditional sense, but we went hiking, kayaking, exploring, and did a lot of walking around town. Plus there were 2 floors in our rental house and a large flight of stairs to get to the driveway, so we stayed very active!!









I felt good about taking time off and eating foods that I enjoy with out feeling guilty that I wasn't "on track".  When we returned, I jumped right back into my strong work outs & eating how I usually do. It's good to take a break every now & then 🙂

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