I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller.

I love it because it is one of my go-to tools that releases pain, tightness & stiffness in my muscles, especially after a workout. (best time to roll because you’re all warmed up with proper blood flow & circulation)

I hate it because I have to go through MORE pain to have LESS pain. Eeek!

But, I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t worth it. It’s TOTALLY worth it!

There are a few other annoyances I have about this thing…. & I’m wondering if avid foam rolling rockstars agree….

  • I roll over my hair, even when it’s back in a ponytail. Friggin OUCH!
  • My shirt gets sucked underneath it & get all jammed up. Yup, that’s fun.
  • It takes up so much damn space that if I start rolling in one spot, less than 60 seconds later I am running into my coffee table that was 3 feet away when I first started.

As of last week, I have eliminated all of those things from my foam rolling routine.

Not only THAT,  it also allows for greater control in the amount of body weight (aka: pressure) I put on certain muscle groups. (like my calves… yeeeouch!)

Let me preface this with I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE for this product. There is nothing I gain from sharing this concept with you other than my own selfish desires of helping my fitness community in any & every way that I can.

See for yourself… watch the video below.

I think this is an intelligent design & it will make your fit life a bit easier. I just HAD to share. The cost makes sense & the benefits make it a no-brainer.

Check ‘em out here:


Ever have those days where you just can’t bring yourself to workout?

You know you’d feel better if you did, but you can’t bear the thought of one. Single. Jumping. Jack.

I hear ya. We’ve all been in those low valleys where it’s tough to pull ourselves out.

So, today I invite you to rock out with your internal resistance…. Join RealResults & do this week’s workout with me & Barbara. “Rockin’ Out with ResistanceWe use resistance tubes.
Here’s the mini goal: Just do the warm up & the first round. (7 exercises)
Here’s the bigger goal: See if you start feeling better & if you are, continue on for the 2nd round. If not, no problem. Call it a day.
Here’s the ultimate goal: Learn to have compassion with yourself - RealFitters show up as they ARE, not as someone who is trying to be something they are not. xoxo


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