For anyone that has been following me since 2008, you know that I used to own a brick and mortar gym – crazy, right?

Well, as you can see, that gym no longer exists. I now have a *beautiful* production studio where I film and host my fitness classes and workshops online. This has not only let me reach so many more people, but has also given me more flexibility in my schedule... while being wayyy kinder to my body!

(Fitness instructors have been known to beat the shit out of themselves mentally & physically kinda like a badge of honor)

Today, it's is the best of both worlds: I can help others and help myself.

If you are interested in learning how I pivoted from one type of business (and how you can too!), you need to take a listen to my good friend’s (and previous client!) Good Girls Get Rich podcast. She interviewed me and you won’t believe the secrets I tell!

Here Are Some Episode Spotlights:

  • Dana wants to continue to inspire women to be their own healthcare advocates and to be an emotionally and physically healthier version of themselves
  • Dana opened her gym, Evolution, in February 2008
  • After working in gyms for years, Dana realized she didn’t like the way things were run that’s why she opened evolution (10:30)
  • In 2008, most gyms were franchises, making Dana ahead of the curve, which made it difficult to market her gym (11:10)
  • What sparked Karen’s interest in working out with Dana and working out in general, was that Dana’s confidence in her ability to help people was so apparent (13:10)
  • Karen wants everyone to understand that there are “no’s” on your journey, but you have to get passed them.
  • Being an entrepreneur gives you the chance to continuously change and pivot to move forward (15:35)
  • You are the creator of your entrepreneurial journey – it took Dana 3.5 years to build, develop and open Evolution (16:50)
  • Then the recession happened, making sales tank and Dana thought “maybe it is time to go to them”
  • Dana’s accountability partner gave her the nudge to film her first videos (21:00)
  • Dana then closed her brick and mortar gym and went 100% online (22:00)
  • Dana found her purpose in life and she has had to continuously figure out how to sustain her purpose (23:45)
  • In the beginning, Dana ran her entire YouTube channel on a flip cam (25:45)
  • Dana has used determination and confidence to move forward in her business (28:20)
  • Karen was taking online marketing classes (in addition to working full-time) and helped Dana market her online classes (30:50)
  • InfusionSoft has been helpful in the communication part of Dana’s business, but she uses Kajabi for her membership site (34:00)
  • Real Results (workout & mindset) is Dana’s full membership (35:05)
  • Dana started  with the big shebang, perfected it and then created separate courses (37:20)
  • A lot of Dana’s pivoting was based on her intuition
  • Dana struggled with eating and body image, even though she is a fitness professional (40:50)
  • Once Dana improved her relationship with food, she created a mindset course to help women feel the way she feels with food(44:40)
  • As a service professional, you only need to be a couple of steps ahead of your ideal client (46:05)
  • A goal to lose 20 pounds is not a vision – where do you see yourself, what do you see yourself doing? – that’s a vision (52:20)
  • When you love yourself all is right (56:50)
  • If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re ready to take the next step in your business (59:50

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