Steve & I have a rule in our house - for every new article of clothing that comes in, one has to go out. Ok, okayyyy… it’s MY rule. But Steve’s a good sport & plays along anyway. 😉

I prefer to get rid of clothes FIRST, then see the space for possibility as I become selective about replacing what I let go of.

More often than not, I don’t even replace it all. And over the years I can see how I let go of more than I replace because we no longer use bins stacked up in the basement to hold our seasonal clothes. Everything fits in our bedroom & closets.

I must say, it’s so nice to be living more simply. Especially now that we are gearing up to move!

We have been going through our closets over the last couple of weeks letting go of clothes that don’t fit right, are worn out, are outta style or we just plain-ol don’t like anymore (if we ever did in the first place) and I admit, it feels pretty damn good.

It feels good because it makes room for possibility.

Letting Go Creates Space








Not only physically, but mentally too.

I don’t work well in clutter. If my physical space is jammed up, so is my thought process - or lack thereof. I truly believe less is more and continue to work in that direction in all areas of my life.

Ever notice how your environment is a reflection on what’s going on inside your head?

It could be the environment known as YOUR BODY. It could be the environment known as YOUR CLOSET. Either way, letting go is a necessary process of bringing in what you truly desire in any area of your life

So, tell me -
Do you easily get rid of stuff in your life?
or do you find that process super-difficult?

Comment under the blog - If you feel stuck in your life, perhaps it’s time to clean out your closet. 🙂

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