Haha. No. Not that kind of arrested.

I’m talking about arrested in my mental, emotional & physical development.

Let’s talk inner rebel, shall we?

You have one. I have one. We all do. It just varies on how loud they become in certain areas of your life. Where other areas they could give 2 shits about.

For years every time I “went on a diet” I would find my inner rebel - let’s call her “Betty” - I would find Betty screaming at me to “eat whatever you want!” “don’t let anyone tell you what to do.”

To a certain extent, she was right. It didn’t make sense that the culture only accepted women a certain way & if you didn’t fit that mold, you’d never make it. (Whatever that means)

So, I’m glad she was there making me question authority.

But, that voice made me go off the rails time & time again. Taking it to extremes.

Thinking “yeah, Betty, you are right. I’ll show them. Not only will I have a cookie. I’ll have 6. & a big-ass scoop of ice cream while I’m at it. Because I can dammit.”

And herein lies the problem.

I was so hell-bent on rebelling that I ultimately would only be hurting my Self - mentally, emotionally & physically.

Mentally - I was stuck in a tug of ego war with the culture I live in & the story I made up about myself and how others see me.

Emotionally - I was stuck in a roller coaster ride of ups & downs, pushing & pulling at me depending on how I felt about my behavior (did I exercise enough? Did I eat too much after rebelling? Did I step on the scale & weigh more than yesterday? Etc. etc.)

Physically - I was stuck in over exercising & it has taken it’s toll on my joints & made my body age faster. It’s impacted my fascia system & caused all sorts of tightness & pain, making it more challenging to improve my flexibility & feel good day to day. & let’s not forget, overeating made me feel sick more times than I could count.

So, while that inner rebel has good intentions (really, she does), if you remain at odds with him/her, you will never move past the tug of war. You will remain arrested!

I had to take the time to understand what that voice was really there for & how I could use it to my advantage. Watch this week’s video (above) & see if any of this rings true for you so you can finally move the hell on to the next stage in your life.

Important side note: I see a lot of “I don’t give a fuck” in the body love movement. I think this is part of the process & I choose to take it as a good sign because the next phase is actually giving a lot of fucks about yourself. So, it may start by your inner rebel pushing outwards, but eventually it will be your inner rebel getting what she wants, which is ultimately attention & self care... While you let other’s opinions & whatnot be what they are. Not getting so riled up about them anymore. That’s the ultimate goal: You do YOU unapologetically with no need to fight anymore.

Post below - can you relate to this stage? What is your inner  rebel saying to YOU?


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