Too many women are way too hard on themselves, wouldn't you agree?

Perhaps you read that & thought, "yup. That would be me."

I see it in practically EVERY facebook group I am in. It doesn't matter if it's a group about fitness, or personal development or entrepreneurship. It's everywhere!

I totally get it. I came from that school too. It was paralyzing at times. & definitely caused far too much anguish in my life than necessary.

That's exactly why I'm so passionate about what I do here on

And why I think "Progress Not Perfection" is a motto worth wearing as a reminder for yourself & those around you. Especially if you have a daughter or niece who you see is already being hard on themselves at such a young age.

So, here it is my friends...

There are tanks, tee's, hoodies & mugs, oh my!

Check out all the fun options below:

But hurry, this special holiday campaign ends Tuesday, December 13th!

tanktop raglantee_pnp
sweatshirt_pnp mug_pnp

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