Hey Dana Lee! I’ve waited long’nuff!

Can you plz give me the VERY best mindset training you’ve ever developed at RealFit so that I can finally get past this “diet starts on monday” mentality because it’s suffocating me, and can you make it so I can get over this shit in less time and with less stress so I can finally start feeling better about myself?

Oh… and can you plz make it so I can improve my mindset, regardless of going to the gym, training with a trainer or working out at home? I don’t want any of that to get in my way.

K thx.

Dana Lee:

Hold my coffee.


Here. You. Go.

After nearly 6 months of hoarding this program in the RealFit vault...

We’ve finally released the RealFit Mindset Course to the wild.

And we're giving you 10% off until August 31st.

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In January, I launched my first official step-by-step Mindset Training I called “Progress Not Perfection.”. However, I bundled it with a workout program to do from home and quickly realized that it kept hundreds of women from taking part because they told me, but Dana Lee, “I don’t workout at home.”

This summer, I introduced the official, more robust, revolutionary RealFit Mindset Course to the world. And Moms, teachers & other workforce professionals all reaped the benefits:

  1. Colleen Celmer used the mindset work to get over the frustration of gaining weight and not being able to lose it. She was working out 6 times a week, sometimes for 2 hours at a pop and still gaining weight and feeling miserable. She made some serious connections that got her to finally break her sabotaging ways:

“It took the Mindset Course for me to realize that as a child I got rewarded for eating and I subconsciously held onto the notion that being thin is wrong. I got rewarded for being cute and chubby so in times of crisis, I become "cute and chubby" to hopefully get positive attention. Eating was never about being healthy; it was about being either thin or fat. I had no idea that my belief system about health had been so scrambled. I would recommend this program to every woman who is READY to live the life they've always wanted!”

  1. Alicia Beck took her thoughts & behaviors about losing weight and created a whole new level of patience & understanding for herself:

"Before the mindset work, I was frustrated with being stuck and not losing weight or inches anymore despite trying to do the right things. I now have more patience with myself and know I need to keep working on my mindset. If I am doing workouts consistently and getting better at moves that were difficult then that is progress. I recommend all women do this work because mindset has so much to do with succeeding in all aspects of your life!

  1. And then there’s Hillary McInnis who had huge breakthroughs on her power over food:

"Before working with Dana on Mindset, I was very worried about calories because I had lost weight counting calories (and exercising) years back. Even with what I thought was the perfect method to lose weight, I could not discipline myself to keep track of my calories eaten and calories burned through exercise. And I was getting all sorts of numbers of what number of calories I should be eating in a day and I was a confused, stressed out mess. Working with Dana taught me several things, the main one is Food is Food. And when you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally your food choices improve and it doesn't matter if you have a piece of cake, because it's just a piece of cake. And you may also find while you are telling yourself "food is food" that you don't even want the cake you were fearing all through dinner. It's just food. It's neutral. We are the ones who put the good and bad labels on and they are actually meaningless. And that is the fault of the diet industry. They are the ones who label foods good and bad when they are not that at all. Sure, some food choices may be "better", like an apple over a cookie, but it's still just.a.cookie. It's not something awful. You might not even like apples, and that's OK!

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

You should be part of the next round of women who get to leave dieting behind forever while turning their mind power into forces for good in the world.

Join us this week only, and you'll get the RealFit Mindset Course - How to go from food obsessed to body blessed - for the lowest price possible!

Get the RealFit Mindset Course for just $447.30

Or... start with the 3-part payment plan for 10% off the first payment which brings it to $177.30

You're about to get access to ev-er-y-thing you’ve ever wanted to know about shifting your mindset about food obsession but were afraid to ask... or did ask and got a BS answer to.

The RealFit Mindset Course gives you straight-to-the-point, NO-BS answers to Qs like:

  • How do I stop all this negative thinking? (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • How do I start liking myself (nevermind LOVING myself)?  (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • OMG I have to get this weight off for REAL - but HOW?!  (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • How do I not feel guilty from eating foods that taste so good?  (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • How do I get a handle on my workouts? (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • What's this MINDSET STUFF I keep hearing about and how does it actually help with weight loss?  (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • How do I make losing weight EASIER?  (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • Diet restriction and deprivation won’t fly anymore... but I need the kinds of results that diets promise... but I’ve got a life to live here... so how do I apply a different set of strategies that get me farther ahead than all the other bullshit out there ?  (RealFit Mindset Course)
  • How do I make what I learn PERMANENT?  (RealFit Mindset Course)

You'll also get a stack of tools & resources at the end of each module that give you the guesswork-free stuff you need to get your mindset shifted faster.

Enter GET10OFF & join now

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Because this training is only available at this low price this week, now's the time to forward this email to a trusted girlfriend so you can do this life-changing work together...

...along with a note that hits on these points:

  • I’m kinda sick of dieting and hating myself aren’t you?
  • When a new diet hits our newsfeed, we jump all over it like it’s somehow going to be different than the last…. And it never is.
  • As friends til the end, we have stuck by each other and I want to get over this bullshit so you & I can talk about & DO more important things in life instead of worrying about our weight.
  • I trust Dana Lee at RealFit, and her official Mindset training program just re-opened. Let's learn how to enjoy food without the guilt and grab a spot in this program.
  • The deal ends Thursday - whattya say, are you ready to do this with me?

==> Take charge of your life and end your eating issues today

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