Hope my fellow Americans had a superb Independence weekend celebration! So much to be grateful for in regards to our freedom in this awesome country.

And an unexpected visit from a couple RealResults members couldn't be more fitting for the occasion.

To have the ability & freedom to use my education, experience & passion to build my own business on my own terms over the past 10 years is frickin' awesome!!!!

Meeting some of the women who have allowed me into their living rooms & into their lives (even their husbands & kids know Dana Lee! LOL) as part of the process to make this venture of ours happen, was quite an exciting moment. I don't know who was more thrilled to meet who! 🙂

Danielle is from Florida & was up for the past week with her husband & 2 boys visiting her sister in New Jersey. After a couple coaching emails back & forth, we realized that she was only staying about 30 minutes from my filming studio!

I rounded up Teresa & Barbara for the in-person meet-up. As you can see, Teresa is her usual silly self, blowing me a kiss just as the snapshot was taken. Oh, Teresa. smh. haha!

7.3.15 Danielle Arcilla

After I asked Danielle what workout she would want to me to create for her (she does them all!), she gave me an idea for another spinterval (a new one happens to be released TODAY as a matter of fact) which is a type of spinning workout where I include upper body & core strength in an interval style off the bike. Danielle gave me an idea to do a spin & boxing mash up. How fun is THAT?

& this wasn't the first visit from a RealFitter either! Last month on my Birthday, Sally & her husband took a detour on their road trip back home from Virginia to New Hampshire. Sally is awesome and it was such a treat to finally put a face to the name I see posted in our Facebook group all the time.

When I asked her what workout she would like to see, she requested a boxing workout with weights. Ok, girl... you got it (it's called Bad Ass Boxing & it will be released next week in RealResults!)

6.6.15 Sally Nelson Pennell

These 2 chicks are nothing short of amazing & it was no surprise we hit it off immediately & time just flew by as we chatted away talking fitness, family & the behind the scenes at the studio. so fun!

They are each mothers & wives, and each have their own set of challenges in life, like so many of us have, yet they have each stayed committed to their workouts. Committed to themselves. And both Sally & Danielle have been RealResults members for well over a year now and workout with me a consistent 4-5 times per week.

I was a proud mama. To see my hard work & dedication and it's impact on others has got to be one of the best expressions of freedom that I currently experience living in the US.

Are you planning a road trip on the east coast this summer? Google map me ~ & let's set up a time for you to meet me & my back-up girls!

Here's to your own REAL results!

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