When I travel or go on vacation, I like to pack light & smart for short workouts that are effective and don't detract from the reason I am out of town. This video reveals some of my best travel tips and workout tools that I personally use when I am staying at a hotel or visiting family or friends.
1. Scope the area around your place of stay if the weather is nice for an outdoor workout. Try a courtyard, terrace, patio by the pool, gardens or even a wall or path somewhere on premises.
2. Bring a small drawstring backpack so you can carry your gear to & from your workout spot with ease.
3. Pack workout clothes that can double as pajamas.
4. Remember an interval timer (like gymboss.com) or download an app on your phone & great playlist ready-to-go on your iPod.
5. Jump Rope
6. Resistance Tube (Medium)
7. TRX suspension training
8. Bring lifting gloves so you can workout outside, put your hands on the ground and protect your skin.

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