For years, I took my workouts WAY too seriously. I mean, not only the workouts themselves (being hyper-focused, cracking no smiles what-so-ever, head down & keeping to myself) but also in the fact that it was an ALL or nothing mentality. I was afraid, no... gain weight and was obsessed with staying thin so I meant business!

I now understand why I felt like I was on a mission....

Although at the time it was an underlying, subconscious, had-no-clue-where-it-came-from mission that powered my every move.

I did a Facebook live on Friday where I shared a surprising story about when the disordered eating & over-exercising craziness started in my life & what exactly happened that dictated all of that behavior for nearly 17 years. It was a part of my life I never shared publicly before.

What's more important is WHY all this destructive behavior started in the first place.

There's a WHY in your life too. In fact, there are several. & I'm wondering if you know what they are? I can help you figure them out of you don't.

In case you are struggling to drop that stubborn 15 pounds because you can't stay on a fitness program long enough to remedy that (maybe you give up on yourself too fast) and you blow every diet 2 days in.... or you are a woman who beats herself up for never being-doing-having enough and you think MORE cardio is the path to thinness & thinness is a path to greatness...

then you'll want to pop your earbuds in & take a listen to this.

I assure you, this is NOT what 99% of gyms or fitness coaches are teaching right now and it's THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT in your weight loss & body acceptance journey. It's also the most overlooked and is why you struggle with all of this today as you're reading this.

Watch the video here & fill in the blank:
"Abs are not made in the kitchen, abs are made in the ______ "

Share your own insights, stories & ah-ha's with me below. I assure you, this concept will help you realize that your struggle for the perfect body doesn't have to be a struggle at all. There is a process & a formula. Once you know it, it's almost like waving a magic wand ~ taking care of yourself & making the best choices for your success becomes so easy!

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