Welcome to episode 1 in my brand new Vlog “Day in the Life of Dana Lee”

This is going to be my weekly video series documenting the shenanigans & behind-the-scenes-life of a trainer that answers questions like… do you even lift? 

Here’s the thing, no two days in my week are EVER the same, which is awesome for some people (like me!) & torture for others because that means there isn’t much I can count on to be consistent on a daily. Every day I could either workout, do yoga, something else entirely or eat at all different times.

Now that I am telling you about it, I can see how that sounds a bit nuts.

But, it’s the life I know & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how it poses unforeseen challenges and pushes me to become a better me - even on days when I don’t wanna!! ?

I have 2 corporate wellness clients that keep me busy 2.5 days of the week. And, for the remainder, I have workouts to design & film for RealResults & FitPicks, which are the membership areas of RealFit.tv.

I can’t share all of this without letting you in on exactly how the magic happens.... I do it with the help of my amazing team, whom you will meet in this first episode.

Debbie Lonergan is my Online Business Manager who holds all the major shit together. Anita Gonzalez is my assistant who deals with paperwork & shit I hate doing but needs to get done and she also assists our online members with anything they need help with, from billing to technical issues and other inquiries. And of course, I have my sister… aka my wing-woman, Amanda Wells. She programs blogs & content for the site among the trillion other things I’ve put on her plate to figure out & learn. She’s amazing like that. She is also one of the MissFits - you see her & I filming spin & yoga together in this first episode.

Yes, my sister is my sister AND she’s also on my team… we’ve been working together for 10 years now. So when anyone tells me that “ya can’t work with family,” I just laugh. I say, Yeah…. Ok. You’re not doing it right then. LOL

And of course, there is my husband Steve. We’ve been married 11 years, together 13. You will meet him in Episode 2. He is my everything. We have an amazing relationship and lucky for you, you’ll start to see snippits of how we manage it all over the course of this Vlog. ❤️

Hope you enjoy this first episode…. I already have 3 more in the pipeline… & they are not only super fun to make, they are quite entertaining to watch.

My goal for each episode is to keep it under 10 minutes while I entertain you, inspire you & show you how to be the very best YOU you can possibly be.

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Ok… watch the video & comment below…. Up to 3 words…. Go!

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