Did you catch Episode 1?

Saturday mornings are a big filming day at RealFit.

We schedule it for 11am, but with all our dancing & shenanigans, we are lucky to get started by noon-30.

In episode 2, it’s Barbara & I left to our own devices… the other MissFits were off galavanting without us, so… the show must go on…. Even when my interval timer is dead. ?

Hip Hop has been all the rage lately ‘round here on RealFit - I did a 3-video Heavy HIITer Series that is a member favorite and a couple months back I did a Hip Hop Hustle & Box which as super fun… and super fast! (hence, the “hustle”) - so this particular Saturday, we did a killer 40-minute Hip Hop Booty & Box workout with, you guessed it - Hip Hop beats, boxing for upper body & 2 major lifting moves for lifting the booty. One of them being Deadlifts. Barb’s favorite (ya know… gotta keep the MissFits happy ?  ) And I added a 3rd strength move that involves a medicine ball for twisting & turning because, core. ? ? ?

After that booty-shakin’ funness, I take you for a ride to meet my hairdresser.

Every 4 weeks I get my hair done. I know… I know… that’s kinda high maintenance. Yeah, well I love getting my hair done - changing up the colors & whatnot makes me very happy because it keeps things fun when you are a trainer who lives in leggings.

This time I went grey. On PURPOSE. I didn’t expect it when I walked in, but then again, that’s how it is with my hair appointments… I stay open to the possibilities & I just have fun with it. It’s never done me wrong… & neither has Pauline.

Live in north jersey & need a good hair dresser? Tell Pauline at Rock Your Hair Studios I sent you!

Watch Episode 3 here.

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