Woot! Woot! I turned 40 yesterday.

I’m psyched about this event, I’ll be completely honest. I truly feel that my best years are yet to come.

How did I celebrate & mark this momentous occasion?

I got a tattoo & it’s PERFECT for me!!!

It’s my very first one & I sat for 4 hours. (I’ve been through more painful things my life & I know you have too.)

Next sitting is in 3 weeks after it heals & he’ll go in & finish the piece with all of the beautiful flowy embellishments.

I’m getting it done by David Spataro at Monarch Tattoo in Newfoundland, NJ. He’s amazing! He freehanded it on my body first. Check out the process....


Why a TATTOO & why NOW?

Because I’m sick of putting off the things I want for myself. I’m sick of being afraid to show who I really am. I am guilty of being caught up in the “I should do this….” “I should be that….”

In fact, I discussed this during our May group coaching call in RealResults. I revealed a bit about my story that I was not ready to address until now. (not a member? Get the juicy details & join now!)

I’m wondering if you might relate to a bit of this timeline…

My 20’s were about finding myself. Busting my ass to get to where I wanted to go…. To who I wanted to be. And more importantly, I learned who I DID NOT want to be.

My 30’s were about reinventing myself. I became an entrepreneur (because of my relationship with Brent in my 20’s - who knew?!), I found Steve 6 months later (my love forever & ever!) & discovered that we each had what it took to strengthen a marriage AND make lemonade out of lemons when everything feels like it’s falling apart.

My 40’s are all about embracing ME. Being honest about what I want & how I want to live my life. Then having the courage to claim it.

I acknowledge that I was the biggest source of my own problems over the years. No one else to blame but me & my own unrealistic expectations. (And, my faulty belief systems.)

Today’s video reveals my amazing ink (after the sharpie drawing) AND also reveals how I am carrying the idea of living a simpler, more fulfilling life into the launch of our new website - you will SOON be able to join on a monthly basis for JUST kickboxing, or JUST spin workouts, or JUST step… Pretty cool right?

If you are sick of shoving yourself aside & putting off what you want & how you want to live because you’re not ( fill in the blank ) enough, then you are in the right place my friend.

RealFit is becoming a source for you to believe that you ARE worth putting first in your busy schedule.

Stay tuned because the best is yet to come & should you decide to join, you’re comin’ with me!


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