Here are 5 ways to bust through a weight loss plateau:
1. Improve the QUALITY of your workout. Take the time you are already devoting to exercise & increase the intensity. Check out my HIIT workouts. That is smart training right there.
2. Strength train at least 3 times a week. TOTAL BODY. Try my Strong & Sleek videos.
3. Ditch the scale. I got a whole 'nother TidBit video for this topic!
4. Cut the sugar. Fat doesn't cause your to hold onto fat, sugar does. Take the time to learn more & educate yourself on harmful ingredients.
5. Change it up! Your body will get used to what you are doing if you stay with the same routine longer than 12 weeks. Variety is the spice of life & the spice for fat-burning too. 😉

These are simple ideas that are easy to implement right away. So... let's get to it!

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