Over the years, I have often heard "I can't do kickboxing, I'm not coordinated!"

I beg to differ.

Here are 5 pointers that can change the game of confidence (& safety) when it comes to your kickboxing workouts. I challenge you to apply them to your next spaztic workout experience & walk away feeling a bit better about yourself.

1. Believe that you are coordinated. There is power in your words. If you say you are not coordinated, then you never will be coordinated. Words will leave you stuck in "what is." If you say you are "getting better at this" then you are. It's that simple.

2. Repeat the combination in your mind. I give 3 prime examples in the video above.

3. Slow the move down to get all the pieces. Whether you follow along to a video or you go to a live class, I am giving you permission (as any solid, professional instructor would) to slow the moves down for greater control & safety. As you practice the moves, use the 2nd tip above to find a pace that works for you to practice effectively. In time, use that practice to pick up the speed.

4. Build your strength. I've said it before & I'll say it again. & again. & again. Cardio is NOT king. Nor, is cardio queen. It is not the end-all, be-all of workouts. There must be cross-training involved in any given workout routine in order for maximum improvement to happen with your body, your mind & how that all fits into your life! Strength training develops mind-body & muscle awareness. As you develop strength, you develop control. & with control comes better coordination.

5. Breathe. Learning how to use your breath will help you refocus on being patient through the challenge. In fact, that's EXACTLY what I do in this week's RealResults "Jab Jumpin' Heart Pumpin' 3 in 1 Kickboxing Workout" - There is a part in the 2nd half of the video that I break a combination down & even I struggle with it! Hey, that's what we do 'round here - we keep it REAL. So, what do I do to stay out of frustration? I breath through it! ... I ease up on myself by laughing it off AND I keep at it! (It helps to have Teresa, Eileen, Lara & Barbara there to shake it off.... my girls are there for you to do the same!!)

These are tips that I applied to my own workouts over the years & they made a huge difference in my coordination & my abilities.

Do you know what inspired me to start teaching kickboxing i the first place? Sooooo many instructors would teach one-side dominant & it drove me batty. Rather than take a class that pissed me off, I took it upon myself to get certified & teach in a style that was more balanced. If I teach the right side, I pay equal attention (with same combination challenges) on the left side. That is the #realfittv way!

I had to embrace my spazzy left side in order to get better at it. Patience, practice & persistence, my friend. 🙂

Let me know how you do with applying this to your next spaztic workout. Comment below!

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