For years & years & years, it would be the same tricky-treat game. Do I buy candy that I hate so I won't be tempted to eat it? Do I put it in a cabinet where I can't see it & then as soon as Nov 1st comes, throw it out? Do I use it as an excuse to but my favorite candy & then eat the whole bag before the trick-or-treaters even come?
Now I can have candy & cookies & treats sit in the house all year long. Sometimes long enough for even my most favorite cookies to go stale. I used these 3 questions to help me get there.

1. What if candy isn't GOOD or BAD?
What if salad isn't GOOD or BAD?
Making food neutral help you make better choices.

2. What is driving you to believe candy is off limits?
* It's all about dosage!
A little bit here & there becomes incredibly satisfying.

3. Does this even TASTE GOOD?
* If you choose to eat candy, make sure it's what you LOVE.
Notice if you eat the "healthier" stuff - do you just go ahead & eat the thing you were trying to avoid anyway?

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