I hear this kinda stuff from clients all the time.

"Ugh, my thighs are so fat."

"It sucks to be so short."

"It sucks to be so tall."

"I wish my belly weren't so big."

It's nearly impossible to physically improve your body if you are always feeling so bad about it at the same time.

So, how can you ease up & feel better about yourself TODAY? How can you work on improving yourself AND accept where & who you are at the same time, that's the big question.

Well, I struggled with this myself for years and in today's video I share 5 things that I did to shift my perception about my imperfections and I can honestly say it helped me make great strides in this area. Not just in my workouts, but with my relationships and my LIFE!

1. I went on a media diet. I canceled fitness magazine subscriptions & stopped following scantily clad fitness models who focused solely on physique & nothing else about being human. Good for them, but deflating & boring for me. (my comparison queen would rear her ugly head.)

2. I only "followed" people who lifted me up. Especially other women who had more to talk about than their 6-pack & their post-workout steamed broccoli & chicken. Blah, bah, blah. I was interested in learning how to live a happier, healthier LIFE and loved to follow people who would eat REAL food in the process!
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3. I practiced yoga. I set an intention for accepting myself with every class. I continue this practice to this day. (& the beauty is I constantly improve in my postures & my strength, just by being where I AM.) And this is why Yoga is a staple in your online RealResults program.

4. When I noticed a negative thought run through my mind, I re-phrased it. (this one took a lot of practice & I still catch myself sometimes all these years later.)

5. I embraced this awesome Japanese concept. (watch the video!)

I especially want to hear what your thoughts on #5 are. This was a total mind bender for my perfectionist mentality. For the first time EVER, I began to understand "perfection." I even share 3 "imperfections" of my own - one of which, I can't believe I even told you. LOL

So, do you feel this way too? Tired of being surrounded with images & messages that seem like your physical self can never measure up, or leaves you feeling like that ideal body is totally unattainable?

Well then come be part of my fitness rebellion! Be an even more awesome YOU. Find your OWN awesome. Come do it with me here for 14 days & meet your fellow RealFitters who are doing it too!

p.s. Here's a snippet from a comment that was posted yesterday in the RealResults Facebook group: "It's so good to be part of a group where we are all striving for the same goal and encourage one another along the way!"

If you are seeking a space where even the tiniest of successes are safe for you to celebrate, look no further. Here it is.

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