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The 2018 Winter Olympics ended last weekend after 19 days and 90+ countries competing for gold in PyeongChang South Korea.

The US brought home 23 medals!! Woot woot! Here’s the official list of medals starting with most decorated country - Norway.

In true RealFit spirit, we must have a workout to celebrate this global event that represents the best of the best in human performance, talent, skill & determination.

I definitely put the HI in HIIT for this sucker & push to the limit for the gold round, hence “Going for the Gold Olympic HIIT Workout”

Round 1 = Bronze (6 for USA)
Round 2 = Silver (8 for USA)
Round 3 = Gold (9 for USA) because Olympic athletes who get the gold are diligent in practice & get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

We do Moguls (Skiers with Jump Knee-Tucks), Cross-Country Skiing (Bicep & Tricep combo), Speed Skaters (lower body), Speed Skaters (upper body), Figure Skaters (Hop Turn Pirouette), Figure Skater Glide (Reverse Fly with & Winning the Metal

I am representing the USA ?? Amanda is representing Wine Country ?.

“Going for Gold” is now available in the HIIT category of the member’s area when you join RealResults or the HIIT category of FitPicks.

In this episode you also get to meet my very dear friend, Colleen Celmer, whom I’ve given the title “Orchestrator of Awesome.”

Colleen’s the gal who I’ve seen Oprah with not once, not twice, but now, THREE times!

Colleen got her hands on 2 tickets for us to sit in on six super special, Super Soul Conversations taped live at the Apollo theater in Harlem.

The Apollo is an intimate theater with seating for only 1506 people and WE were 2 of those people who got to witness THIS amazing line-up LIVE:

These are now available (as of Feb 27, 2018) to listen in for yourself by subscribing to the Super Soul Conversations podcast.

I am a HUGE podcast listener!!! Post below… what are some of your personal faves & why?


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