With all of these AMRAP's (As Many Rounds or Reps As Possible) going around as a method of working out, I wanted to take the time & talk about how getting sloppy in your workout can waste your time, take you twice as long to get the same results, and increase risk of injury significantly. In today's video I challenge you: Go HALF as fast so you can feel TWICE as much in your workouts. This is how you can begin to refine integrity in every single one of your workouts, regardless of who your instructor is.

Why is that important? If you focus on keeping your core strong and use your whole body and biggest range of motion through every move, your body will respond faster than if you get sloppy & just go through the motions to get-er-done.

Are you willing to SLOW DOWN - even use lighter dumbbells - in order to SPEED UP your body's response to exercising?

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