This one is dedicated to my cardio queens.

The ones who workout for an hour & think it's STILL not enough.

The ones who beat themselves up & strive for perfect, even though they have a hard time picturing what "perfect" even looks like.

The ones who surround themselves with cardio-addicted friends (or online camps) to help them believe it's all ok & they are on the right track. To keep going. Keep pushing. To do it better!

I'm here today to disrupt some of that thinking that feeds the behavior keeping you from getting what you actually want in your body & in your life.

It's time to be honest.

Back in the day, my friend "Jane" & I were awesome gym buddies. Although we didn't work out together (we had our own routines) we would often be at the gym at the same time. Passing each other by the water fountain or by the elliptical in the cardio room. She would often take my spin class & if it were a Sunday, we would meet for coffee afterwards.

After a couple years, & after she ran a few marathons, I began to see how that friendship was enabling my cardio-addictive habits. We were both obsessive about exercise & if I wanted to gain a healthier perspective, I wouldn't get it from someone who was stuck in the muck like I was. and she didn't see how running 10-15 miles every day was a problem.

I started asking myself some tough questions at that point in my life because I knew what I was doing wasn't working. I mean, to think - I was already working out 2-3 hours a day. What was I going to do - bump that up to 3-4 hours per day? I mean, seriously.

Grab a pen & pace of paper & answer these honestly:
1. WHY did you originally begin your cardio quest? & is that your reason now?

2. HOW do you use your cardio sessions? As punishment? or to improve your health and fitness?

3. WHEN did your cardio quest stop working for you?
According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results.

4. WHO surrounds you to support your goals & who has your best interest at heart?

5. WHAT if there was a better way to get the outcome you want?
*Would you rather be "right" or would you rather get results?

A RealResults member just posted this huge win yesterday:
"Finished my second marathon this weekend with a faster time than the first. I'm crediting it to a more conservative training program and RealFit strong & sleek workouts for cross training."

If you are self-proclaimed cardio queen, and you are feeling stuck in the muck, rest assured that the transition is a work in progress. If better life balance and better results are what you seek so you can indeed feel good to stay active well into your 50's, that that is what you will get.

If you are scared to back down from the routine you're in, even though you know it's not really good for you, come join me in RealResults & I can help guide you give you the the community support to start making changes in the right direction.

It's not as scary as you think.

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