We are so sneaky. We'll find ways to sabotage our best efforts without even knowing it. We come up with excuses - or lies - that we tell ourselves to justify why we aren't fully showing up & giving our best effort when it comes to working out.

Here are 5 common lies that can keep you from creating a healthier life, a fitter bod & a stronger you ~ Can you identify with any of them?

1. "I'm not athletic" or "I used to be an athlete"
Do you put a label on yourself?
Ex: "I'm not athletic" can hold you back from executing a push up or improving your coordination.
Redefine yourself & step out of the box you keep yourself in.

2. "I can't. I have an injury"
What CAN you do even WITH an injury?
Ok, so you're hurt. You're recovering. Leave the pity party & focus on the moves & actions that you CAN do, rather than woe-is-me approach with a focus on all you are NOT able to do with that particular body part. Focusing on what is possible, makes it POSSIBLE!

3. "I'm afraid of getting hurt."
Be aware of the self-fulfilled prophecy.
Future injury is avoidable. This means there must be a practice of trust. It's not about fear of getting hurt, it's about trusting yourself. If there is a lack of trust, begin by doing the things that you can do. Start a track record. Confidence comes when you do the thing you are unsure of doing, while maintaining the trust you have in yourself. No matter what, you will be ok!

4. "I didn't get enough sleep last night."
Lack of sleep? or Really tired?
There's a difference between dragging anchor because you really feel tired - in which case, you need a nap, not a workout, and having less sleep than normal, feeling pretty ok & yet pretending like you are tired because you are aware that you only got 4 hours of sleep the night before - not 8 like you "should" get. If you feel good, go for it! If you feel tired (even with 8 hours sometimes), nap. Being present & honest with yourself in each moment is how you prevent the sabotage.

5. "I don't workout as much as I should."
Don't should on yourself. Living with the "it's not enough" .... "I'm not enough" mentality keeps you down. It's exhausting & it's no fun. Do you workout once a week? Is that realistic for you right now? AWESOME. OWN IT. Do you workout twice a week? Is that what currently works with your schedule? GREAT! OWN IT.

I've been releasing these shorter 20 minute workouts in RealResults lately because let's face it, 20 minutes is better than nothing at all (remember #5 above - OWN IT!) & besides, they are super fun to give it your all especially knowing it'll be over so soon 😉 Check out the fun kicking combo's in "Kick It & Quit It!" Try it for 14 days, zero obligation.

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